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Newbie Strategies

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1.  Keep on your face protection, i can not stress this enough face protection is the most important geay you will ever wear in a paintball game NEVER take it off!!!

2.  NEVER stay in the same place for long!!!  That is one of the worst things you can do in a game.  Your opponet will know where you are and can easily move around you and eliminate you from the game.

3.  Know your guns limitations whether a rental or your own, ask if you dont know.

4.  Paintballs DO NOT HURT unless you are at very close range so do not be afraid, i think 99% of the hits i have had i hardly feel.

5.  Wear dark cloathes or camoflauge, do not wear white it is to bright and you will get killed.

6.  Never call your self out if you are not sure the worse thing you can do in a game is to call out and to leave the feild and find out the ball didnt break before you call yourself out say OUCH! and check yourself for paint.

7.  Never give up............... whether out of paint or air or energy you can still be usefull to your team and someone may have extra paint or air to lend you in the game.

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