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Sitng ray-   The stingray is a alright gun for the price although for a little more you could get the Spyder Compact.  The Stingray is very durable, although it is a very slow shooter.  This gun is a nice gun for beginers but lacks accuracy and a nice rate of fire.  The best feature of this gun is it's price which is roughly around 100$ with a mask and other accesories included.  In conclusion the Sitngray is not a very good gun if i was looking for a biginner gun i would consider the Spyder Compact.


Spyder Xtra- The Spyder Xtra is Kingman's newest marker.  The Spyder Xtra is a well balanced, accurate marker.  The double trigger has a nice light pull and the vertical feed is a great plus to.  The stock barrel has nice accuracy and range and will not bust balls unless you are using cheap paint.  The mini expanision chamber prevents liquid co2 from entering the gun also.  In conlusion the Spyder Xtra is a very good marker at only around 180$ (depends on where you get it).  Im fact the Spyder Xtra is a real bargain!


Bob Long Millenium-  This marker features vertical feed, top cocking knob, thumb velocity adjuster,low pressure chamber, expansion chamber, and many other features.  this is a dependable marker and most problems can be fixed by new o rings etc.  in conclusion if u get a new barrel and a on/off switch it could be the best marker on the feild


The TL Plus is a good gun,very durable,nice accuracy,easy trigger pull,very light,.It has a strong frame, it is a wonderful bigginer,middle,and long time player gun. Unlike the Spyder Compact this gun's Trigger frame is made of aluminum not plastic so it wont break like many compacts have. My oveall rating of this gun is its A GOOD GUN!

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Tippman 98-  This gun is a very good beginner/recball player paintball gun.  It is very durable and easy to maintain.  Another big plus is that break downs are EXTREMELY RARE.  The Tippman is very comforable gun to hold.  The trigger pull is very light and a pleasure to use.  In conclusion this gun is worth every cent.

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