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Styles of Play- A players style is determined on how they like to play, there skill and sometimes the capabilities of their marker.  Here are some of the styles most commonly found in todays players
Sniperism- This is a style of play that a person will hide out and take long shots and picks off players from a distance instead of a head on attack.  The player may even get in trees for a better shot.  They are rarely shot and can even be hard to find.
Kamikaze-This is the very opposite of a sniper, they try to catch a player off guard by charging in to attack.  Has the potential to create high enemy losses.  Very good player but often is shot out early on in the game and can throw a teams timing off.
Ambush- A player who uses this style is someone who hides and waits for the last second before they jump out and ambush the opposite team. This may
seem a lot like sniping but it is not
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Extinction of Paintball?----- It doesn't sound like it would ever happen to our beloved sport but the threat grows closer every single day.  People influenced by Tv or other sources to use Paintball markers for violence or for vandalism is plainly screweing us all over.  Every time a person is abused with a paintball gun another person is added to the fight AGAINST paintball so the next time you hear someone talking about someone doing something dumb with a paintball marker talk to them about it and let them know the threat it holds agains our sport.

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